Tea bag dish red and assorted colors
Tea infuser basket dish Lime and assorted colors
Dish for dripping Tea infuser Green and assorted colors
dish for tea ball infuser Turquoise blue and assorted colors
Dish for spoon style tea infuser Blue and assorted colors
Dish for drippy tea infusers purple and assorted colors
Side dish for tea sugar cubes and spoon. White and assorted colors
catch dish for tea bags, infuser baskets Orange and Assorted colors
Dish to set loose tea infuser basket - assorted colors
Dish to put used tea bags on - Assorted colors
Small dish to set teaspoon, sugar cubes or teacup on. Assorted colors
Ceramic Tea  Dish
Ceramic Tea  Dish
Tea Infuser Dish - Black

Ceramic Tea Dish

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A great dish to place your infuser or tea bag on. Matches the colors of our teapots.

Made in China.