Long handle stainless steel infuser basket for steeping loose leaf tea

Long Handled Infuser

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A Versitile Infuser for Loose Leaf Teas.

Simple is beautiful.  Hang the basket in your cup.  Add loose leaf tea and pour hoot water over your tea and steep.  After steeping, rest the tea infuser on the ceramic dish to keep things tidy. No drips, how neat!

No More Tea Ball

This is a great replacement to the tea ball, tea ball spoon or pincer spoon. Some tools have outlived their usefulness.  Ease and convenience is the way to go.  This infuse r eliminates the accidental leaf spill that often happens with a tea ball.  Because this infuser basket is larger and has many super-fine holes, the tea leaves get better water circulation. This makes a better cup of tea.

With this infuser you also eliminate the need to use a tea pot to make tea.  

This infuser fits the widest of cups. Its best for medium size cups (up to 12 ounces).

Lead free ceramic finish on the holding dish.
Made of high quality stainless steel.

Dishwasher safe.