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68 Ounce Glass Iced Tea Pitcher With Infuser

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This pitcher is made of borosilicate glass also known as pyrex.  This means that you can brew your loose tea and ice it down, right in the pitcher, without any fear of it shattering.  Simply add your tea into the infuser basket (we recommend using about 8 teaspoons), pour boiling water, and when it is done steeping, remove the infuser basket, add cold water or ice cubes to chill it.  Remove the tea infuser basket to prevent over-steeping of your tea.   

Since the infuser goes very deep into the infuser, you can brew smaller amounts of tea. To ensure a good infusion, make sure you fill the pitcher with at least 3 inches of clean water.

If you prefer not to boil water, you can cold brew your tea. Simply add tea and cool water and place the teapot in the fridge for 4-6 hours. Remove infuser and serve. Pretty simple and no hot stoves to stoves to deal with