Traditional Japanese hobnail pattern 10 ounce black cast iron tea pot with stainless infuser basket

Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot Hobnail 10 oz

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Hobnail pattern Cast iron tea pot. 

10 Ounce capacity.


Preheat your teapot for best results.

Boil water. Remove lid and infuser basket.  Pour about a cup of hot water into the teapot.  Let hot water sit in teapot for 2 minutes with lid on. Keep infuser basket aside.  Pour out the hot water in the teapot into the sink. Your teapot should be very hot to the touch.

Pay attention to steeping temperatures and times.

Measure tea according to tea instructions. Put tea inside the infuser basket.  Place basket in the teapot. Slowly pour heated water over the tea leaves into teapot.  Be careful not to splash the hot water. Cover with lid. Steep tea at correct temperature and for the correct time as per instructions. Carefully remove the infuser basket and set aside. Replace lid and pour tea into your cups. Gently place your hand on the lid to keep it secure while pouring tea.

Care Instructions:

Rinse with water and dry thoroughly after use. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Made in China.