Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot Hobnail 20 oz - 3 colors
20 ounce Japanese cast iron teapot in hobnail pattern - Green
20 ounce Japanese cast iron teapot in hobnail pattern - Red
Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot Hobnail 20 oz - 3 colors

Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot Hobnail 20 oz - 3 colors

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Improve your tea drinking experience with this authentic Japanese style cast iron tea pot and impress your fellow tea lovers.

You'll love the removable infuser basket for controlled steeping times as well as the dense cast iron construction which will keep your tea hot longer than a ceramic or glass tea pot. So go ahead and enjoy several un-hurried hot cups of tea. We suggest the matching tea cups for a totally authentic and relaxing experience.  20 ounces of tea will be enough for you and your guests.

This elegant tea pot is durable tea pot is tough enough for every day usage.  So go ahead and use it everyday for your special me-tea-time.

This cast iron tea was hand made with
Molten steel poured into molds to create traditional Japanese cast iron teapotsmolten steel which was carefully poured into molds with a traditional Japanese hobnail pattern, This centuries old technology makes these tea pots authentic. The exterior is finished in a fine patina which will wear nicely adding to the character of the tea pot. The inside is enameled. Enamel is applied to the inside and is kiln fired to set . The enamel creates a barrier between the cast iron and tea. Because enamel does not impart any taste you will make a delicious tea with every steep.

Use Instructions

Preheat your teapot for best results

Boil water. Remove lid and infuser basket.  Pour about a cup of hot water into the teapot.  Let hot water sit in teapot for 2 minutes with lid on. Keep infuser basket aside.  Pour out the hot water in the teapot into the sink. Your teapot should be very hot to the touch

Pay attention to steeping temps and times

Measure tea according to tea instructions on tea pouch or tea tin.  Put tea inside the infuser basket.  Place basket in the teapot. Slowly pour heated water over the tea leaves into teapot.  Be careful not to splash the hot water. Cover with lid. Steep tea at correct temperature and for the correct time as per instructions on tea pouch or tin.  Carefully remove the infuser basket and set aside. Replace lid and pour tea into your cups. Gently place your hand on the lid to keep it secure while pouring tea.

Care Instructions

Rinse with water and dry thoroughly after use. Not intended to be used on a stove. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Made in China.