3 inch capsule infuser (basket) with chain and lid. food-grade rigid Stainless steel

Large Stainless Steel tea infuser with hanging chain.

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This very large tea infuser is great for making large amounts of iced tea, mulled wine, mulled cider, soup and broth. Its also great for making kombucha teas.

The infuser and chain is stainless steel. The lid screws on securely and the 8.5 inch long chain allows for immersion into your iced tea jug or cooking pot. The tiny holes keep your tea and spices inside for clear tea or broth. 

The chain and hook allows you to hang the infuser capsule on the side of the your jug or cooking pot.  Because the capsule is large, water circulation is better and extracts the full flavors of your tea or herbs. Use the chain, to easily remove the inufser.

If you are a Kombucha brewer this is a must have.

"D 3.0" x H 3.15"

Dishwasher safe.

Made in China.