Pyrex Glass Loose Leaf Tea Pot with Stainless Steel Infuser 42 ounces Turquoise
Bora Silicate glass Loose leaf steeping Tea pot Medium 24 ounces
Glass Teapot with infuser basket - Microwave safe
Loose Leaf stainless steel infuser tea pot. Bora silicate micro wave safe
Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Steeper
Glass Teapot with Infuser
Pyrex Tea pot with push on lid and large removable stainless steel infuser basket for loose tea

Glass Teapot with Infuser - 68, 43, 24 and 14 Oz capacities

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Watch Your Tea Steep

Pyrex glass makes steeping tea fun. See your tea happening right in front of your eyes. Watching also helps from oversteeping those delicate green teas. Simply drop tea into the infuser basket add hot water and remove the infuser when the tea is ready. How easy is that. The large infuser basket allows the tea leaves to fully open up for full taste.

The teapot is comes in 4 sizes and various colors.

43 Ounce size is shown.

14 Ounces - Perfect for your me-time

24 Ounces - Great for two people - share a cup and chat..

43 Ounces - Great for a gathering of several people,  Yeah - Tea party.

68 Ounces - Make over 2 quarts of Iced Tea. Great for your thirsty family. Great for making iced tea

  • Handwash teapot, lid and infuser.
  • Made in China
  • Not for stovetop use
  • Lead free glass
  • BPA free