Round Teapot with Infuser
3 Cup ceramic teapot  with metal infuser basket.  yellow mandarin
Lime green round ceramic teapot for 2 people with loose leaf infuser basket
tuquoise blue glazed teapot 24 ounces with large stainless steel infuser basket (strainer)
Purple curve teapot for 2. Large rigid stainless steel infuser for loose leaf tea.
lead free glaze white round teapot with removable infuser for loose leaf tea 24 ounce capacity
Curve Teapot with infuser basket 24 ounces - 3 cups

Round Teapot with Infuser

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Beauty and function meet for tea.

A teapot that is as functional as it is beautiful. The handle gracefully compliments the curvaceous shape and is comfortable and secure when pouring.

This beauty holds 24  or 45 ounces of tea and has a very large deep rigid stainless steel infuser.  The over sized infuser allows maximum contact with hot water without crowding your precious tea leaves together.


This teapot has 3 parts - lid, infuser and pot. Gently remove the lid by turning it on its side, This exposes the inside of the infuser and notice the generous interior space for the loose tea leaves to expand. Also note the thousands of tiny holes which trap your tea leaves inside to make a clear cup of tea. Unlike mesh basket infusers, this rigid infuser will not bend and leak tea leaves. The micro holes are created using laser technology. Unlike less expensive infusers, this one will not rust because of its high

Brewing Tips

Before you infuse your loose leaf tea. Preheat the teapot with boiling water for 2 minutes.  Simply boil water and pour into the teapot. Let it stand for 2 minutes, also pour some hot water into your teacups and warm them as well.  Pour out water and then prepare your tea.  By doing this way,  your tea will steep at the correct temperature and the brewed tea will stay hot longer.

Loose tea needs to be brewed at the correct temperature.  Follow the instructions provided with your tea for best results. Longer brewing may cause some teas to become bitter. If unsure, its best to use cooler water and shorter steeping times.  If the tea needs to be stronger, re-infuse.  Happy Sipping

  • Made in China.
  • All parts are dishwsher safe
  • Stainless Steel Infuser (strainer)
  • Lead Free Glaze
  • BPA Free